They think it’s a hassle

Have we made our product easy and effortless for them to use? There is one thing that comes with using a product – you have to set it up and implement it.

Often times, when you sell to businesses, one of the unseen reasons for what they don’t buy, is that it’s a hassle for them to implement. To use your product they will have to change something. It is going to take some work, probably a lot.

The reason why we find so many companies still using old software is because switching to better and newer devices is connected with a lot of work. There is a cost of adoption. Microsoft has locked in countless businesses that way and made a huge profit because of it.

One possible solution is to make a process for them to follow through. “We know how easy it is to get overwhelmed so we have created a 5-week implementation process for you. We will tell you each week what exactly to do. It’s going to look like you haven’t done much work but after five weeks, you’re done. You’ll have accomplished what you set out to do.”

Then, when you’re calling them each week, see whether they need help with something or whether you need to give them more time for a task. Make it very easy and help them not get overwhelmed.

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Erwin Flaming

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