Technology as salvation

We have for the past years of our existence had to fight against nature. Now we are fighting against our own nature.

Hopes that technology will cure them all were cast into the abyss a long time ago! Technology may actually bring down the whole civilization. There may be 10.000 years of nothingness after this revolution, not because we may lose a fight against AI but because we may lose the fight against our own nature.

What we are genetically wired for is playing a gigantic role and escaping from these heuristics is impossible. There is an active conscious training effort going on to battle agains them, which is becoming less and less active in the overall population.

It seems like we’re distracting ourselves to death.

Gathering more information will not lead to the solution by default just as getting more maps will not take you closer to your desired destination.

To a course correction that is badly needed but not too late! We’ve got to fight now. It’s us.

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Erwin Flaming

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