How to meet new people

Start with whom you already know. Ask them to bring their best friend with them.

Start with people near you. Ask your neighbour for eggs. Ask them for milk. Come back with something as a way of saying thanks. Start the conversation.

There are many easy ways to meet new people. And there is always room for one more great person in our lives.

Teaching is a two way street

If you struggle to explain something to someone else, there is the opportunity to make it even more clear to you.

There’s an opportunity for both, the listener to see something for the first time and the speaker to see it more clearly by struggling to express it.

Words are clumsy sometimes. Especially when you want to express what’s in your mind, let alone your heart or spirit. But the more you struggle to make it clear for someone else, the more clear it gets for you.

The problem with problems

What if all your problems actually were gifts? What if that nasty co-worker is here to teach you something? What if being overwhelmed and getting too many requests inherits a valuable lesson?

What a fool I sometimes am to think I’m not supposed to have problems!

Not thinking we’re supposed to have problems, that’s the only problem we have with problems. Problems call us to a higher level – face and solve them now!

When tragedy occurs

we should ask why. Why – from the perspective of meaning, order and purpose. We don’t ask why long enough, not deeply enough, and that’s why we suffer.

And as long as you cannot come up with a reason that gives you strength instead of one that makes you weak, it’s a test of faith. Faith, so tangible that it’s a part of the real – the courage to believe that the experiences will connect down the road, even if you cannot see that far ahead right now.

Life at it’s longest…

…is short. And for some of us, it’s extra short.

Florian – my greatest argument for the existence of God passed away. It was him where I got my optimism from. In his honour, smiling under tears, I am going to express one thought every day on this site, for the rest of my life until I see him again.

You will be missed, Florian.