Invisible impact

Of course, the impact we have on the world is not invisible, especially to those who we’re impacting but to us most of it is invisible.

Only by chance I found out that
– A friend of mine was giving a group of people advice I gave her years ago. I forgot I gave it to her, she didn’t.
– People quoted my essays.
– My friends shared the ideas I shared with them with their friends.
– People had more energy because they were simply around me.

Visibility, so influenced by chance is not the thing to pursue, what’s important is putting it out there.

A small leak will sink a great ship

You may think, perhaps that now that your company gets it’s hands on more money, spending a little more now and then can be no great matter.

Like going through tough times make you believe that things are always going to be bad, going through good times also makes you think they’re going to be good forever.

Why not protect yourself from being wrong when you know that your company is going to make all of its decisions with limited information?

Buy what you don’t need and soon you’ll find yourself selling that which you do need. Hire people you don’t need and soon you’ll find yourself without the people you do need.

Heighten dreams, but lower overhead.

(beware of little expense for a small leak will sink a great ship)

Naturally sexy, artificially social

People don’t get hurt these days by bumping into each other, playing an intense game. No, nowadays people get hurt by bending down, trying to pick up a pencil from the floor. That’s a shame.

Being unoriginal and fitting in will never lead to a rich life. I don’t mean smoking weed or taking LSD but understanding that we are richer than we think – each one of us.

And what makes us so rich is our originality. Formerly, different ranks, different neighborhoods, different professions lived in different worlds; at present to a great degree in the same. They read the same words, hear the same things, see the same things, go to the same places and have their hopes and fears directed to the same objects.

If you say, “I don’t want to be like the calm floating river in the Dutch but wild like the Niagara waterfalls” then nobody is going to come and curse you, “Why do you have so much energy???” The opposite is likely, they will be secretly thinking, “Wow another idiot who is just like me.”

I know we’ll be spending the rest of our lives interacting with machines but that doesn’t mean we have to become so one-sided as they are.

The artificial society has sex in it but in the end, it’s our state of nature that makes us feel so damn good.

Thank you for teaching me well

I want to thank everyone who taught me something good, something valuable.

Over the years, I was influenced by great teachers and people with great minds and generous hearts.

Thank you. You have taught me well.

Reading the summary

Few books are worth being read from cover to cover.

Great authors have structured their works really well. They’ve put in incredible effort and good authors can’t help but summarize their major arguments at the end of the book.