Why would I tell my friends?

This is a huge question. We as disruptors spend way too little time answering this question.

When you want to change a group of people you need to give them a really really good reason why they should tell their friends about you. Telling their friends about you has social hurdles, it is risky. Will I look good? Is it easier for me to just be quiet about this?

What you must create is a why.

LifeSpring is a hospital providing for women of the low-income group in India. They deliver healthy babies every day. On the Baby’s first birthday, they invite the mom back for a birthday party in the community room, at the hospital, with free cake for all her guests.

Now there is a reason for me to invite my friends. It’s generous, exciting and a happy day. They see my happy kid. They see me and especially my mother in law, proud and happy.

Now I know what I am going to tell my friends and why I should do it.

Don’t get angry. Jubilate.

Lady comes up to Churchill, full of anger and hatred towards him, says “Winston, if I were your wife, I’d put poison in your coffee!”
Churchill says, “Lady. If you were my wife – I’d drink it.”

Sometimes it’s tempting to answer a silly comment with serious action. Sometimes you feel tempted to just jump up and punch your critic in the face. Well, why would you? Use a little wit and humor.

Liberty trade

My father is really good at building houses. His first home is still standing so that says something. It doesn’t say everything but something.

When I was helping out on a construction site I was always without hand gloves and when my dad told me “Zieh dir Handschuhe an!” (“Put on some hand gloves!”) I always replied, “Wer Freiheit für Sicherheit aufgibt, wird am Ende beides verlieren” (“He, who gives up freedom for safety will lose both.”)

I knew that hand gloves won’t save me from major injuries and since I’m a raw guy I actually like minor ones.

It was so hot outside so I also bravely walked around barefoot like I always do. The other day, somebody threw a brick for me to catch it and I did catch it. What was the problem? I didn’t catch it with my hand but with my foot.

Did it hurt? Yes. A little bit? No. A lot.

Nobody saw that and I kept it a secret. Yuck, who wants to hear, “See! I told you to put on your shoes.”

The next day, I showed up wearing the safest shoes on the planet. I learned my lesson: Giving up some minor freedom can sometimes lead to major safety.