Focus has it’s price

If you want to be successful and really good at what you do, you’ve got to say “no” to a lot of people and their demands.

“No” is the foundation we build our “yes” on.

So remember this: You can please some people some of the time. You cannot please everyone all of the time.

Size doesn’t matter

When the spies from Xerxes 1 returned, and they told him what they saw, that 300 hundred Spartans are on their way. He mocked and laughed at them.

Leonidas had a small list of followers, only 300 – but according to historians, the aftermath was far from laughable for the Persians.

Millions of followers watching what you do is a worthless number. What if you had 300 true believers willing to die for what you do because it perfectly fits into what they believe, what their wishes and biases are?

You see, that brings it down to the real stuff. You can buy a million followers. You cannot buy the commitment of a decade from one single person.

How to get into the airline business

First, I wouldn’t.

The thing I would do would be to buy a fighter jet, find a great pilot who would fly just for the sake of flying and I would let affluent people find out that we’re the best in the world at this and offer them an experience of going to the edge of space.

You see, Richard Branson is commercializing the X-Price plane to create space tourism(Virgin Galactic). It is a thing worth talking about. It’s extreme. It’s the opposite of boring.

If you were to start your business or project from scratch today, what would extreme look like? What is an edge your competition is afraid to go?