Not a disciple, but disciplined

Training people to obey rules or impose a certain behavior on them using punishment will not lead to desired outcomes when you’re innovating.

The other kind of discipline is what is needed: The discipline you impose on yourself. Saying no to distractions and things you would like to do but that you won’t do because you’ve decided to do this other thing here. This kind of discipline is priceless. It is the bridge between where you are and where you want to be.

Loyal customers

Loyal customers don’t really engage with you because you’ve got the best stuff, that’s smart customers. They’re different.

Loyal customers have at some point made a decision to stick with you because you told a story that appealed to loyalists. You’ve treated different customers differently, and you reserved your highest level of respect for those that stand by you.

It seems like terrorists are pretty harmless after all

We fear serial killers more than bureaucrats but a serial killer might kill only 30.000 people if he kills one person every day. Put that in contrast with a bureaucrat who can take millions of people’s lives with a small plan.

Climate change has the power to kill far more people than terrorists ever will. Yet, we care more about preventing terror attacks than to prevent climate change.

Focussing on things where the stakes are the highest requires enormous discipline. It won’t make you a hero in the eyes of society. And it surely will never make you an overnight success but with the priceless commitment of a few decades, the chances are excellent for you to influence something long-term.