How to start in this new world

Today, you have to create ideas that spread. Ideas people will share because sharing them will make them look smart. Do things others are afraid of. Pick edges your competition is afraid to go to and charge a lot to the people who show up in the waiting line.

Thinking is not logic

That is the mistake the greeks made.
That is the mistake Saint Thomas Aquinas made.
That is the mistake of the Middle Ages.
That is the mistake of post-modernism.

Take away the hammer

To someone with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Marketers were used to buying big ads, interrupting often and getting a lot of attention –¬†they had a really big hammer but not everything is a nail.

And maybe, just maybe, ads are not the primary contributing factor to your success but being worth talking about, getting people to talk to each other about you could be.