Where went my last article?

This is my 100th article. Most of them will be read by no one but are they worthless if no one reads them?

No, because I am the one who profits the most from writing my articles. You get to read all this stuff and I am the one who gets to write it. That alone is incredible. Every attempt to explain something to someone else makes it clearer for me.

I am the one who is influenced the most here. The articles that change my life the most are the ones I write.

The computer revolution hasn’t happened yet

When Gutenberg invented the printing press around 1440 they were doing what they always did, only better: Printing the Bible, in handwriting.

It took another 150 years for society to really pick up from that.

Almost every other breathtaking invention would not have been possible without the printing revolution. A republic would not work without having arguments and educating people at scale.

There are only a few, only a handful of people in this world who know that the true revolution of computers hasn’t happened yet because currently, we find ourselves doing the same things people did after the printing press was invented: We imitate what we have done before, like recording videos, publishing writings or, entertaining ourselves to death, only better.

Years after the printing revolution, science was invented. Science has led to the most remarkable things we humans have ever created. Think about all the bridges that have been built; the skyscrapers; we went to the moon and came back; we invented computers. All these things would have been impossible without science – something that was only possible through the printing press revolution. Try beginning to imagine what will happen after the computer revolution has taken place.

The whole idea is to get different thinkers; to push the human race forward. People thought different in middle age than after the 17th century.

Sometimes I think we can get there faster than in 150 years because we have the lesson from the printing press but how come our generation is interested in what some people are wearing over doing something truly important?

Not a disciple, but disciplined

Training people to obey rules or impose a certain behavior on them using punishment will not lead to desired outcomes when you’re innovating.

The other kind of discipline is what is needed: The discipline you impose on yourself. Saying no to distractions and things you would like to do but that you won’t do because you’ve decided to do this other thing here. This kind of discipline is priceless. It is the bridge between where you are and where you want to be.