Time is up any moment

I want to remind you all that life is really short. And how you spend your average day is, of course, how you spend your life.

Brevity is the soul of many things but please don’t let it be found in the amount of time you spend to bring something more to each day, something more than average.

Compared to what?

I hear it so often, “We work so hard at this, we work so hard you won’t believe it until you see it.”

Often, our narrative makes our work look harder than it really is. The engineers at NASA in the 1960s had an interesting project. To have only 9 years to land a man on the moon and bring him back safely is – quite interesting, if no one has ever done something like this.

Think about the navigation, the computer, the engines, all that stuff that had to be invented. How will you land? A giant rocket? Too heavy to start again from the moon back to earth. So you have a smaller vehicle that breaks off the main rocket and lands on the moon? You’re nuts. How are you going to start that engine at the bottom of the moon again? A complex engine means a lot of risks. So you’ll use what? Toxic chemicals that explode when brought together? Wait, we tried that and after one test the engine was so worn out from the chemicals we could not use it again. That means they will start something over there for the first time? And we have no way to test that exact engine before? It better be perfect.

And then think about the environment, you’re in space. You’re dealing with totally different variables at different stages and orbits. Outer space is freezingly cold and burning hot. There is a vacuum. There is zero gravity.

Now, think about what is at stake: You know that people might die if you ship something imperfect, and you know that because they already died because somebody shipped something imperfect before.

If you’re working hard, raise your standard of hard work and change who you compare yourself to. And try working better.

What would do it for you?

I want you to make a list of at least 50 things you want to do in the next 10 years. What would do it for you in the next 10 years? If you did this… if you met these people… if you made these investments…

What would make your life dazzlingly unique in the next 10 years?

Write it down – everything you can think of, cities you want to visit, experiences you want to have, some of you want to write a book, some want to climb mountains, some want to have a residence for each season. What would do it for you? Who would you like to meet?

What would do it for you for the next 10 years?

Try aliveness

I’m not making any of my own clothes, I’ve not invented the computer I am using, I have not filtered the clean water that I’m drinking, and I want to give back to society, and put back into the stream as much as I can.

Life is short. If you had only one week to live, I’m sure you would spend it doing what you love, with the people you love and when you would see the sunset you would take it all in. You would not let the little ridiculous things hinder you from enjoying whatever you can.

My question is… why wait? We might have only one week from now.

Even if you have big ambitions, detach the outcome from how you think you will get there and ask yourself, “How can I get there faster, quicker, better?” And who knows, you might save yourself a decade with the right answer.

Truth economy

I’m sure these days everyone is ready to accept this: Straight talk.

This is not belligerent talk but telling it like it is. No nonsense, no sugar-coating, but telling it like it really is.

The truth might be painful at first but admitting how it really is, frees you up to change it all. Yes, the truth means, you have messed it up in the past but the truth also means, today is a new day.

You cannot change where you are overnight but you can change where you’re headed overnight.

The naked truth is revealing and inspiring, that’s why we use it.

So, why not admit it today? The quicker you admit it, the faster the fortune, health, vitality, strength, love and abundance belongs to you. You don’t have to babble about it in the neighborhood but admit it to yourself.

I call it truth economy because, in the marketplace, where people vote with their money for your product or service, self-delusion is the beginning of disaster.