Turning pro

It’s easy to fill out a form or to answer a few easy questions, to implement tactics.

It’s harder to stand up for something again and again, for months. The questions along the way are hard, uneasy to answer and you will encounter fear.

The risk is not real, the perception of your risk is. What’s going to happen is not fearful, your story behind what might happen is.

Are you ready to level up? What are you going to stand for? What are you going to stand against?

The failing school system

A person traveling through time from 120 years ago to now will recognize only one thing: Our school system.

School hasn’t changed for over 100 years. The Prussian Education Model – invented by industrialists – is obsolete. We can no longer use it as our basis for education.

Germany has thrived on that education model, but if the next five years are going to be like the last five years, Germany will dwindle in importance.

What was once it’s cornerstone for success is now becoming it’s nemesis.

Training people what to do is a great idea when you know what they should do – right now the industrial companies fall into ruin faster than they were built – nobody can predict what’s going to happen next. We need completely different thinking.

We need to cherish failure because great successes are never reserved for people not willing to risk having bad ideas. We need to cherish working side by side with fear and uncertainty.

Among everything, I still believe you cannot rely on someone else to take care of your learning. Reforms won’t cut it. It is unlikely that arbitrary authorities will take a look beyond the most pressing issue of the moment and save their future.

The world has changed. Big entities become less and less important as we’re transitioning to a world where small is big.

Cut it

Great stories, well told, don’t tell you what happens, or what’s going on, or what is at stake – you come to the conclusion yourself.

While it’s a nice shortcut to tell people what we offer, what they will get, it’s far more powerful to make them conjecture it all for themselves.

Customer service #2

Customer service is not about facts.

It’s not about being right.

It’s about changing the emotions of the customer.

A customer well taken care of will open doors for you, you could never open yourself. He can be worth more than $10,000 in advertising.

Customer service is most important when the customer is pissed off.