It’s hopeless

When everything seems hopeless then there are always options.

Do something but don’t do nothing.

I see entrepreneurs watching their companies go down. They just stare at the situation. They put their shoulders down and watch.

You’ve got to be more sophisticated than that. See it how it could be and then a little bit of effort is all you need to get there.

Stupid rules and insisting on them

Today I saw it again: A company loses a customer who was about to repeat a major purchase but they insisted on a stupid rule – he ought to pay a few thousand dollars for minor damages that occurred while he was using their old product.

“These are the rules,” she says after he reluctantly agrees to pay the full amount. He replies, “You’re making good money on this but I will never buy from you again. You just lost a customer.”

This is the daily experience customers go through when dealing with selfish organizations.

You, on the other hand, are making the rules of your company. You are the owner, you interact with your customers often and you will never lose someone over a stupid rule.

The law of attraction isn’t completely wrong

My best friend found me. Jonathan Ive was not recruited to Apple by Steve Jobs. Most great engineers come to SpaceX not the other way around.

Often times, great people are not to be pursued but to be attracted. The first step to finding people that will make all the difference is, to become an attractive person. It is as true for your work environment as it is for yourself. You’ve got to become a charismatic leader, someone powerful with certainty unmatched. Be interesting. Become known for being an A-player.

The next step then is to do the opposite of hiding. Wherever the people you need are, be there.

Remembering Anne Frank

Today is Anne Frank’s birthday.

A quote of her can teach you about love. Her name under it teaches you about life.

In spite of everything I still believe people are really good at heart.

We live in a time where people’s biggest addiction is not drugs, not alcohol, but problems. Having big problems makes you feel significant, “You’ve got problems? Wait until you see what I’ve got to deal with!” Having big problems gives people a license to feel sorry for themselves.

When you think you have big problems, read her diary or watch a movie about her. That is usually all it will take for you to quickly sober up and realize that you don’t have any problems at all.

Thank you, Anne, for showing us an indestructible side of the human spirit. Thank you for shining so bright in so dark of a time.

Who you’re competing against

You are competing against people in the flow. People who are committed. People who care deeply about the outcome. You cannot wing it, and hope you can keep up with them. Nada. It’s never going to happen.


No, you cannot check your phone.
No, you cannot check your Facebook news feed.
No, you cannot check your emails.

You’ve got to say no to all of that if you really want to get a big “YESSS!!! We did it!”