They’re not only unfriendly

Picking a way to do something is a tricky thing. Miss one good idea and you just passed the junction to a better way where people are rooting for you to succeed instead of playing against you.

Hey, don’t send atheists to crusade.

Persuading people to say yes

The fastest way to teach a kid to ride a bicycle is not to give him a regular bicycle.

If you want to teach your kid to ride the bike fast, then you have to give him one of these balance bicycles pictured above. He will learn to steer and to keep the balance.

If you want to learn how to sell, how to persuade people to say yes, practice with willing strangers.

Ask a non-profit organization you care about to give you a chance to volunteer to bring in money. Talk on the phone, or even better – talk to people face to face and sell them on donating more money than they did last year.

Hard work has changed

People used to try to stay away from physical labor. “Learn well in school so you won’t have to work as hard as we do.”

Hard work has changed. The new hard work is all about emotional labor. It’s all about fear.

If you’re not going to make these sales calls, or persist in the face of apathy, or go back to that engineering problem that you hate to work on, then you’re not avoiding physical labor. You’re avoiding emotional labor.

The great news is it’s much easier to become brave than it is to become strong enough for intense, painful, physical labor.

Practical value weights less than meaning

To illustrate a point, let’s assume that AirBnB was gone tomorrow. It would not take long until another solution has taken it’s place. The technology behind it is fairly easy to replicate.

What’s hard to replicate is the story people tell themselves about AirBnB. It has become a shortcut to something meaningful and that is what people buy these days – people want meaning. We’ve all got enough material. What we need is meaning.

Does your organisation mean a lot to me? Where does your name – a shortcut – lead me?