Nobody is born liking cold showers. We do not like jumping into ice cold water either.

Yet, we do it anyways. We do it because we tell us a story about how we’re going to feel afterward. We tell us a story about health benefits. We tell us a story of how training our nervous system this way actually helps us take immediate action.

It’s really simple. If you don’t want to jump, invent the story that will make you jump. Nothing is truer than that which we believe.

Who gets the joke?

When you tell a joke and 4000 people don’t get it but 1000 people get it – that’s fine. All you need are the 1000.

It doesn’t matter how many people don’t get what you do, all that matters are those who do.

On first contact

Your job is to create interest, not to give a summary of your life’s dreams, the benefits of the product, or how great it is.

Create interest. Say something interesting that makes the other person eager to hear more.

“Please tell me that everything will be ok.”

We seek reassurance. The reassurance we need is unlimited. We will never be sure enough to try something.

The thing to seek out is not reassurance. Understand that your need for reassurance will always be there – every day. The thing to seek out are tasks where there are many choices available.

It is a good thing when you ask yourself if something is good enough. It is a good thing when that voice in your head starts to doubt. It is a good thing because everyone else has it too, and many people let it stop them.

If it weren’t there, we would not have many things to compete on.

Don’t seek reassurance, do work that matters, in the words of Bob Dylan.

On freedom

Seneca said, “We are not under a king, let each man claim his own freedom.”

These words have never been truer. Yet, we are free birds in search of a cage.

Freedom frightens us. We have always been taught to fit in, to follow instructions, not to figure things out, to a large degree, I think, that is what makes the how-to books so popular. We have always been taught to follow instructions.

That is why we cannot handle the freedom that comes with the unchartered territory that the winds of change brought us to. There is no map and the only way to find a way is to get lost.

“Let him live freely, and let him live dangerously under the open sky.” That is what we were born for. And you can start suppressing human nature but in the end, there it is.