Exhaust your powers of conception

Richard Feynman said, “I, a universe of atoms, an atom in the universe.”

Man is cursed by disproportion. What Feynman’s words are implying is that you can choose to feel small because you are nothing compared to the rest of the universe, or you can also think about how big you seem to the atoms that you are composing.

We cannot conceive the universe and grasp its totality but we can exhaust our powers of conception and wonder.

Trying to make sense of all this is going to make you crazy – I’ve tried. I cannot even comprehend myself, there are worlds inside of me, think of the blood veins and the drops of your blood that are pumped through your whole body – and that is only the physical aspect.

Wonder. Wow! Oh, wow!

Hard questions

are easy to skip but important to answer. If there is an important and hard question left unanswered, most likely something important has been left unsaid.

How frequently do you fail?

I doubt that the highest success rates belong to people who do not fail frequently.

Are you willing to have bad ideas? Are you willing to crash and burn?

Risking true failure is easier for people who see they have nothing to lose than for others who are not already naked. Once you perceive yourself as successful and are content with the status-quo because it is stacked in your favor, you become change-averse. Change-aversity is great, if you have a chance betting against change-occurrence. But nobody ever had that chance.

Only one more or last time?

What if what you are about to do was the last chance to do it?

What if that project is the last one you’ll ever do?
What if that day tomorrow is the last chance you have to do your to do list?

Give it your best effort. Whatever it may be.