Radio is dying

The radio station never played my favorite song. Ever.

There is another problem they solved for people – music discovery. “We’ve got the newest and best hits.”

Radio helps us discover artists but playlists rule their world.

Spotify has become way better than radio at fixing our discovery problem with playlists. It knows what you like and it helps you find songs you might like as well. Spotify has meaning covered up in data.

Most people listen to the radio because it’s so readily available – once Spotify reaches a similar state for them, radio will be gone. Fast.

Hard to breathe

When I show you statistics, numbers, proof, you’re not going to be swayed in any way because you don’t relate emotions to numbers or graphs.

What is going to make it hard to breathe for you is when there is a story you’re listening to – a story where you see yourself in – a story which you can relate to – that not only captures your attention but also your imagination – a story that is so real that it takes your breath away.


Today is the 5th birthday of Steve Jobs’ death.

I remember hearing the message from an English radio station that I was listening to from my place in Germany.

It’s hard to believe it’s five years already. Thank you, Steve, for the tools that enrich our lives so much!

The cure that cures it all

is keep taking massive action. If you take massive action and it doesn’t work, change your approach and keep taking massive action.

How do you get the energy to do it? Be passionate about what you do. Make energy a priority. Not passive energy, but energy that makes you go wild.

This is going to be a bad article

Right now, I have run out of good ideas of what to write.

That is why I am going to write about some bad ideas.

We fear bad ideas because they make us look stupid, that’s what we think about first, when we think of bad ideas: How they make us feel when others find out we had them.

When you build up the wall to keep out bad ideas, you also build the wall that keeps out good ideas.

That is the reason why you should have many bad ideas. The more bad ideas you have, the more great ones you’re going to have.

Two days ago I made an experiment: I have sent one bad-idea-message to 100 strangers. It was a stupid high-risk conversation opener. The first response was a bummer. I am glad that I already sent it to the other 99 people because I’d probably have taken back the message after judging according to the first response.

Can you imagine the rest?

Some people complimented me for the way I started the conversation. Surprisingly, many replied! The experiment was a great success.

Well, you could argue that there is the law of averages and if you share a message with enough people, some will like it. And that is exactly my point. The ratio.

Have many bad ideas, and some good ones will appear.