They killed Socrates. Market like a poet..

…all ways and always.

Marketing is irrational.

There is a science to it but it’s mostly irrational. It’s storytelling. It’s not about being right. It’s about stirring men’s blood.

Poor indeed is the response the marketer gets who markets like a philosopher.

He tries to be right. He tries to appeal to reason. He can prove that his system works. He shows how his innovation is more effective.

But he forgets the irrational part. He forgets that his most rational customer is making irrational decisions, decisions that are driven by totally unreasonable stories he is telling himself.

A customer, who’s appetite for rationality must submit to his desire to calming the screaming voice inside his head. The voice that screams about his boss, the risk, the hassle of making a change, and what other people will think when he tells them what he’s done after he bought from you.

Appeal to irrationality. Appeal to feelings. Market like a poet.

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Erwin Flaming

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