Disarming blamers

What harm is not done by blaming! Relationships are being destroyed, progress is hindered, and most violently people’s ambitions are being belittled.

That man knows what it’s about, who doesn’t find it easy to ignore the blamers because their eloquence hits him in the head with a brick.

What better way is there than to battle with blamers?

In short, take responsibility.

Put blame to its knees by saying, “I don’t know what happened exactly or who did it but I take full responsibility for it. Now, how can we turn this around?”

Leadership means putting yourself on the line.

I am tempted to believe that this kind of an act is the only way of transforming an environment of blame to something where important work can be done.

Bear Bryant the American college football coach once said that it was impossible for any of his players to make a mistake during a football game. And and all mistakes were his, because as a coach, he was solely and completely responsible for preparing his athletes to play error-free football.

Maybe this seems like a harsh standard to live up to, but that’s just the way it is.

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Erwin Flaming

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