I cannot say for sure when I started programming but it has to be around the age of 11-13 because at 15 years, I already started selling a small piece of software that I ripped off from a hacker in the middleast.

At the time, I was interested in computer games and I was surprised how my hack worked. It was not a feeling of arrogance that I had but a sheer feeling of luck, for what allowed this to work was a stupid mistake of the hacker who originally wrote the software that I cracked.

In high-school I finished the final exam (a Hamstersimulator program) in 15-20 minutes, instead of the 90 minutes that were allotted to it.

This is nothing to brag about but it shows how early my identity as a computer-man was formed and the kind of thinking habits that I must have developed while coping to such a complex environment.

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