“Move the program, not the data”


I cannot say for sure when I started programming but it has to be around the age of 11-13 because at 15 years, I already started selling a small piece of software that I ripped off from a hacker in the middleast.

At the time, I was interested in computer games and I was surprised how my hack worked. It was not a feeling of arrogance that I had but a sheer feeling of luck, for what allowed this to work was a stupid mistake of the hacker who originally wrote the software that I cracked.

In high-school I finished the final exam (a Hamstersimulator program) in 15-20 minutes, instead of the 90 minutes that were allotted to it.

This is nothing to brag about but it shows how early my identity as a computer-man was formed and the kind of thinking habits that I must have developed while coping to such a complex environment.

On not getting paid

Companies, small and large, have gotten away far too often with not paying independent contractors or even their own employees.

This is so commonly happening, that we all can tell a personal story or two with a discouraging effect. Men are not saved by faith but by the lack of it, at least in this world, Benjamin Franklin noted.

Before establishing any legal contract, one must find ways that allow for exerting enormous amounts of pressure on the partnering party. In the end, this will let both of you converse in a friendly manner while smacking their head against the wall.

Let ‘feel’ follow a candid word.


England send its poorest people there in colonial times because Georgia had a lower cost of living and these families could become an asset rather than a liability to London.

The whole ‘charitable’ project was financed with 130,000 pounds from the state.

With their strict outlines and plans, the organizers of this adventure did as if they did know about the realities of life over there but they didn’t and they imposed their ignorance on the settlers.

Their plans were too clear and too dogmatic.