Thank you for teaching me well

I want to thank everyone who taught me something good, something valuable.

Over the years, I was influenced by great teachers and people with great minds and generous hearts.

Thank you. You have taught me well.

Reading the summary

Few books are worth being read from cover to cover.

Great authors have structured their works really well. They’ve put in incredible effort and good authors can’t help but summarize their major arguments at the end of the book.

Mastering the hard part

“We answer the phone on the first ring.”

It looks like it doesn’t really matter, and that’s why going the extra mile to show you care so much is so profitable.

Software ain’t like building pyramids

We’re now at a point where hardware enables us more and more to do great things with software.

Technology doesn’t change much internally, after all it’s still code that’s going to run things.

When I say software is going to become wickedly smart, what I mean is that it’s going to be wickedly user-friendly.

The reason why the Japanese are years behind in software is because it ain’t that easy to copy. They used to be pretty good at copying products and creating a better process, deliver in higher quality, and at a lower price point than their competitors did – but software is different.

Unlike hardware, great software isn’t that easily copied. It is because you cannot see what’s going on behind the curtain and if you could, you’d still put in massive intellectual effort to understand what you see(yes I understand, great code is easy to read, but for whom? People who have learned how to code and are pretty good at it).

We’re still massively behind the future and our software should be much better than it is right now. Wickedly smart, easy to use software will always be in great demand.