Data won’t show it

Often times, likes don’t count. Often times, views don’t count. Often times, numbers don’t count.

When what you want to achieve in the long term cannot be expressed in numbers, then don’t count on numbers. Maybe the alternative to numbers is colors.

Tracking the future

The future is not laid out on a track. It is something that we can decide, and to the extent that we do not violate any known laws of the universe, we can probably make it work the way that we want to.

Working with rigor

I see a farmer from my window collecting hay with his tractor. With the tools and how he does it, it doesn’t seem as strenuous as the amateur would do it.

You are already a hard worker. You could get the whole field done with your bare hands but do you also work with rigor?

Learn to use tools which can help you get the things done faster and better.

The professional baker doesn’t get as exhausted as the amateur but his bread is bought by everyone whereas the amateur has to beg people to eat his self-made bread.

Here is the best HR agent

It’s your creative employees.

No, truly. They know other creatives and they know with whom they’ll want to work with again and with whom they don’t want to work with again.

Ask them if they know other people they’d like to work with furthermore. You might be surprised.

When Steve Jobs founded Apple, he stole a bunch of great people from Atari, the company he formerly worked at.