How to get into the airline business

First, I wouldn’t.

The thing I would do would be to buy a fighter jet, find a great pilot who would fly just for the sake of flying and I would let affluent people find out that we’re the best in the world at this and offer them an experience of going to the edge of space.

You see, Richard Branson is commercializing the X-Price plane to create space tourism(Virgin Galactic). It is a thing worth talking about. It’s extreme. It’s the opposite of boring.

If you were to start your business or project from scratch today, what would extreme look like? What is an edge your competition is afraid to go?

Seduce me

You might not always be able to force people to buy your stuff but they let you seduce them.

And successfully seducing people involves leveraging their beliefs, biases, wishes by integrating your story into what they already believe.

Then, what you have to do is to create a process of positive reinforcement that makes more belief, involvement and desire easier than scepticism or not doing anything.

Suffering brings more suffering

When we feel frustrated, sad or unhappy, our state pushes away people. We shun the people who make us feel fearful and dissatisfied.

The solutions and ideas we need, rarely interrupt us when we’re in a lousy state.

On the other hand, changing your state, being in a beautiful state, pulls people to you. We cannot resist being around the person that’s always happy, uplifting and laughing. Even if you’re not funny, if you’re laughing at your stupid jokes we will just laugh with you out of respect and that’s going to change how we feel.

Surprisingly, you will find that the insights you will have on that level, are the ones that lead to even more joy, prosperity and happiness.

What do you do?

And sometimes more importantly, what do you not do?

Where does your product stop? Where does your service stop?

What we don’t do defines us sometimes more than what we do.