Willing to die for it

In times of despair and doubt, supreme confidence and faith shine the brightest.

When everyone doubts and everything falls apart, you need to stand certain as a rock. Every. Single. Person. In. The. Room. Will. Notice. It. – Every. Single. One.

Pick a worthwhile goal carefully, and then, be willing to die for it.

Turning your ENTIRE life around

Everything affects everything else.

Turning your life around starts with the smallest discipline.

It can start with eating an apple a day. It can start with planning the next day on paper. It can start with reading the first book. It can start with waking up half an hour earlier. It can start with going around the block for your health. It can start with, “Hey, I know our lives are not that great, and I wonder what we could do to change that.”

That small discipline you pick up today will inspire you to pick up the next and the next and soon, the disciplines that seemed so hard, in the beginning, are now part of your life.

How to meet new people

Start with whom you already know. Ask them to bring their best friend with them.

Start with people near you. Ask your neighbour for eggs. Ask them for milk. Come back with something as a way of saying thanks. Start the conversation.

There are many easy ways to meet new people. And there is always room for one more great person in our lives.

Teaching is a two way street

If you struggle to explain something to someone else, there is the opportunity to make it even more clear to you.

There’s an opportunity for both, the listener to see something for the first time and the speaker to see it more clearly by struggling to express it.

Words are clumsy sometimes. Especially when you want to express what’s in your mind, let alone your heart or spirit. But the more you struggle to make it clear for someone else, the more clear it gets for you.