Faketh poverty

If you are reading this right now, chances are, you belong to the top 1% of the richest people in the world.

Even the poorest in our society are in that top 1% because half of the world lives on a dollar or less and feeling poor when you have much more than you actually need is ridiculous, no matter what.

At one point, I decided not to let money ruin my life. It is easy to become envious of those who have more, to place yourself on an infinite scoreboard but the opposite is also simple: Be generous to those who have less than you have.

Finding products for your customers

Finding products for your customers is in the long run much more profitable than finding customers for your products. The reason for that is the cost of acquisition of one customer or better said, the cost of acquisition of the trust of one customer.

Social pressure

In the 1930s everyone wore a hat.


Only because everyone did it. Most of us wear shoes only because everyone does it whereas it has been proven to be unhealthier than walking around barefoot.

Creating peer pressure is an awesome tool in the toolbox of the marketer.

Vocabulary matters

The words you choose allow you to interpret and to express.

It’s so easy to let an idea die simply by not finding the right words to express and explain it.

The average member of society knows about 20.000 words. Double that, learn a new word every day for a decade and your ability to interpret, to express and to influence flies off the charts.