Ignore everybody

The life we live is going to be very short. And there is more and more clutter added to the memory of mankind – nobody is going to remember much about us.

There is no legacy to leave.

The choice we have is to matter to some people, not everybody.

Thus it is absolutely critical that you have critics. Do not try to avoid having any! They are proof that you’re not for everybody.

Ignore ‘everybody’ and focus on some.

Goals you cannot write down

Sometimes there is no goal-setting possible. Sometimes you don’t have a goal because you need to find goals first. Especially, in big projects, you don’t know what the right goals are because you cannot describe the outcome.

In that case, there is only one thing: progress.

It’s hard to self-start.

Naming the obvious

Taking fewer risks, running less danger of being criticized, naming the obvious – this is what we do to stay in the game. What we forget is, that the rules have changed. We stay in the game by getting into new games.

What worked last time might not work now.

If you are responsible for others and yourself, take risks. In a world that’s changing so rapidly, trying to play it safe is reckless, trying to uphold the status-quo is careless.