Originally you.

Be you, but not you as you were born but how you want to be. Be not like everyone else but be unlike everyone else. Develop your own style, it takes time, and you can borrow from other people but don’t copy them.

More than ever, originality matters. Tell a story only you can tell and tell it with style.

Sales cycles

The employees in the richest 1000 companies that work higher than the middle have only one thing in mind: I don’t want to get fired.

Every company that is selling to these companies has an army of salespeople who do nothing else all day than to go from meeting to meeting with these companies because the payout in the end is so great.

Just so you know, when you want to sell to these guys, there is a long irrational way ahead of you.

“It’s a waste of time.”

To the careless person, going the extra mile is a waste of time.

To the person wearing comfortable shoes, stepping into the shoes of someone else is a waste of time.

To a pessimistic teacher, teaching stupid kids with full effort is a waste of time.

To the selfish person, doing things without hope of getting anything back in return is a waste of time.

To the greedy capitalist, adding extra features to a product that’s already working looks like a waste of time.

“Waste of time” might be a good thing to try.