On our mind – the autopilot

How we see things affects us most.

Not how they are.

Not how they might be.

But how we see them.

Most of the time we operate on autopilot. As Montaigne writes, “We float between different states of mind, we wish nothing freely, nothing absolutely, nothing constantly.”

Homer compares our humorous shift with the shifts in the weather: Such are the minds of men, as is the fertile light that father Jove himself sends down to make earth bright.

Everything deserves a second look, especially your thoughts because they our your life.

What have you been thinking the past 24 hours? What did you believe? And is that ok? On negative beliefs: What does the opposite of that belief look like? How would you feel when you would actually become that person who believes this opposite belief?

“Shame on you!”

How dare you, how dare you critics who have never done anything useful belittle great people’s ambitions?

How dare you?!

To all those who do meaningful work: Doing something important puts you above all shame there is. Even if you fail, you’re unshameable because you chose to be. And you don’t accept that kind of criticism.


Losing money is never a real risk and looking stupid is never a real risk.

The only thing that’s real is the perception of the risk.

What risks do your prospects perceive when they think about doing business with you? Where’s the risk? Can you eliminate it?

“This might not be for you.”

When you play the business game right and you put the money that comes in right back into the company to grow it, after a certain period, you will not need to convert every potential customer anymore.

Then, you can raise the bar and say, “This might not be for you.”

Once people hear that, they will think, “They, do not really need me here. They do not need this sale. They must be pretty great to be able to afford to walk away.” Now they will chase you.

Be willing to walk away and mean it.

Too much clutter is not your problem

It’s not that there is so much out there it’s that you consume so much of it. That is what’s destroying your focus.

Overconsumption is our real problem here, and that’s great because we can deal with overconsumption easily – simply say no to everything that’s not on your list of priorities.

The opportunities of things you can consume is endless. More than two days of video material are uploaded every minute on YouTube alone. There is more there than you can ever consume in your whole lifetime, so consuming it all and then repeating the worthwhile stuff is not an option.

The only option you’ve got is to set your priorities straight and work your own agenda.