Compensation for sharing

We do not share things unless we get compensated for it. Compensation can have many different forms, even making the world a better place is a form of compensation-related motivation.

The problem with getting people to share your stuff is, that the more direct the ‘payment’ the less the sharing is worth.

It doesn’t get harder than ‘just one more time’

“Do you have any iPhone chargers?”
“Do you know where we can get some?”
“No, you cannot get any today. All stores are closed on Sunday and it’s already past four o’clock. You can try tomorrow early.”

My friend got her charger. That day. Around the corner. Why? Because she tried only one more time.

Always try only one more time. Then if it doesn’t work – try only one more time. Maybe it will work. Who knows.

The thing I know is, that’s called the circle of achieving dreams, of making the unlikely likely, and of a rich, well-lived life, filled not only with big ambitions but also enormous achievements.