All leaders are readers

While that might be true, that all leaders are readers, I want to note that certainly, not all readers are leaders.

However, being well-read can make you a better leader. The reason, I think, is simple: Reading is decision-making. Reading is guessing. You have to guess what a word means in a context and that’s nothing else than decision-making.

If you’re a good reader, you’re a fast decision-maker.

And great leaders need to make decisions quickly, and you can do that better if you’re trained to do it.

So, miss a meal if you have to, but don’t miss a book.

“Don’t reinvent the wheel!”

That was what they meant ages ago but in today’s culture, “Don’t reinvent the wheel!” usually means, “Don’t reinvent the flat tire!”

We don’t even think about reinventing the wheel because are culturally not even close to the same level of the original inventors. And all we end up with is people who want to reinvent little things and other people who want to stop them from doing even that.

The history of society shows the progress of civilization is not wholly a uniform drift toward better things.

Shortly put, we have to insist on better. We have to change our perspective.

Would they wear it on a t-shirt?

Attaching economic interest to a campaign makes it less likely to spread. People rarely, if ever, share things because we tell them to or because we want them to.

They often share things because of themselves. They often buy things to make a statement. They often say yes to things because their beliefs tell them it’ll make them feel a certain way.

The hard work for marketers is to tap into that. It’s figuring out their worldview. It’s creating something that appeals to their beliefs. It’s changing the message until it spreads.

Would they wear your message on a t-shirt, a tattoo?