Two questions for business leaders

Make a table(2 columns) with these two questions:
1. What distinctions, principles, or stories did I learn so far that can absolutely change my business forever?
2. What actions can I take to implement these ideas?

How do I not look stupid?

Is a question a myriad of people are asking themselves often. The problem is, you will always look stupid until you have figured it out. After that, you’re the genius.

Look stupid. Often.

Technology problems?

When it comes to technology, stand on the shoulders of giants.

A smart person can solve a problem. A genius avoids it.

Choose a name for your company that has few Google search results and you don’t have a SEO problem.

Choose a popular software that may not be the best of the best but gives you a lot of plugins waiting to be integrated with a few clicks, and you avoided hiring a programmer who would solve your problems.

When something is not THAT important, choose to stand on the shoulders of giants. People have been down that road before and using their insights is going to help you move forward astonishingly fast.