The language we use

makes us feel a certain way. Metaphors are powerful emotion-containers. The metaphors you use to describe a situation are what you feel.

Do you feel like everything is falling apart? Or do you feel like it is the time for absolute focus and commitment – the fun of opening doors for massive change – having a blast?

It does not so much matter what happens, it happens to everybody – it’s what you do about it that makes all the difference in the world. What meaning you give these things, and what you decide to focus on.

This could be the most amazing time of your life if you
A) Decide what to focus on
B) Decide what meaning you give these things
C) Decide what you are going to do about it

In 2008 the market crashed. People sold their homes and decided it’s over. Others sold their homes too but they said this is the biggest opportunity we have, we will do more than anybody else and when the market comes back to normal – we OWN IT.

Two questions for business leaders

Make a table(2 columns) with these two questions:
1. What distinctions, principles, or stories did I learn so far that can absolutely change my business forever?
2. What actions can I take to implement these ideas?

How do I not look stupid?

Is a question a myriad of people are asking themselves often. The problem is, you will always look stupid until you have figured it out. After that, you’re the genius.

Look stupid. Often.