Could it be love?

If you truly love somebody, you know, their intent is always pure.

“I love you” means, you already deserve to be loved for a lifetime, you don’t have to do anything to earn it, nothing you could ever say, do, or think will change that I love you.

When it seems like they did something to hurt us – we’re seeing it only from our own perspective. Stepping into their shoes will reveal that in fact, all they did was meeting one of their own emotional needs. It had nothing to do with you at all.

When it’s love, it’s never about you. That is the little secret – focussing on them, seeing their actions from their perspective.


Today we celebrate Shakespeare who lived 400 years ago.

I started reading Shakespeare’s plays when I was a boy and I was so fascinated by his abundant language and style. In fact, I came to like him so much, I made him my favorite author.

I cannot but love him and re-read my favorite words of his.

Fearing the uncontrollable

What use has it really to fear that which you cannot control?

Too many wise people fear what they cannot control when they should really be afraid of what they, in fact, can control.

Fear being unprepared.
Fear having contributed not enough.
Fear having challenged not enough.

But do not fear all the reactions that you have no control over. Your days are expensive. Waste one and you have one less to live. Days lived in fear of the uncontrollable are days wasted.

Marketing’s turn?

Today the news reached me – Bill Campbell passed away three days ago.

When I work with startups, the last thing I work with them on is marketing. I don’t want to overestimate marketing. Apple’s marketing is having great products. – Bill Campbell

You will be missed, Bill.

The first dip might be the hardest

Reading through Kant’s writings is hard initially. Students stop because they find his clumsy writing style too hard to understand.

If they wouldn’t have let the first few pages stop them, they would have found out that there are parts in which Kant repeats himself – this is where his ideas become easy to understand.

Many things in our daily life are like this.