What to do if you want to persuade people

I got a call from a business owner today and she wanted to know how they should do a video about their business.

What they had so far was very stiff, and boring. Nobody in today’s world would sit through that three-minute video. That’s why I got the call.

I said, “If you wish to change people, to persuade them to participate or to buy, then you have got to become a good storyteller. People just cannot escape a good story that is well told.”

That was all she needed to hear to turn it all around.

Teaching confidence

Kids learn fast to be absolutely certain and confident. They only lack teachers who help train their nervous system every day to be it.

They won’t be a sissy and they won’t screw around when they know that they cannot fail.

Everyone is lonely

That’s what people’s spending and moneymaking says, and they’re investing time and enormous energy to solve this problem.

How to compete against big companies

The first thing to understand is this: Don’t.

If you want to beat big companies at their own game, they will eat you. A big company can easily borrow a few hundred million dollars with little interest. They have great people, most of them are not-so-great but they do have some exceptionally talented people.

Gary Loveman came from Harvard to Vegas and ended up buying the competitors who were much bigger and the way they won was to do things differently. They analyzed data to find the most profitable customers and then they would make them more loyal – one customer at a time.

Starting great, but small puts you in a unique position, you can write thank you notes to every customer, something a big company won’t be able to do. You have nothing to lose, that is probably your biggest advantage and don’t forget, you can move fast.


People who are deeply grounded are slow to anger. We all get into states we don’t want to be in, we all get pissed off, but it’s how easily you lose your temper that makes the difference.

Mountains shake but not at the blow of the wind.