What’s worth more? A pile of gold or a pile of salt?

Throughout history, many people have chosen the salt. It became valuable enough to be used as a currency itself. (“Salary” is related to the Latin word for “salt”)

Today, salt is worthless. You’d always choose a pile of gold over a pile of salt because there is less around. Scarcity has a lot to do with value.

The short life of online prospects

The good old folks at Harvard found out in a study that online leads have a very short life.

Companies who contacted the generated leads within one hour were seven times more likely to secure them than companies who contacted them after one hour, those were 60 times more likely to claim the lead than other companies who responded after 24 hours.

Hard work pays off.

Ego attack

When you have the $$$ flowing in like a river, you have now this devil on the shoulder telling you, “Now is the time to show the world that you’re the master.”

We need to reveal who we are but we also need to do it from our best side.

Interactions = trust?

We trust the people we know. We trust the guy in the advertising more that has shown up a few hundred times to us than the guy we meet for the first time.

We cannot trust you the first time we see you – that’s why you need to get our permission to show up to us again and again.