Where do new jobs come from?

In the past twenty years, the number of jobs biggest companies have created is zero. It’s the entrepreneurs who start small and stay original, who don’t look up rules in a how-to book, who create jobs. That’s where growth really comes from.

Steep funnel

The more we have at stake the more likely we are to live the story of a tribe, the more we defend it because we’re not defending the tribe itself anymore but ourselves.

Some things take time

Building up a connection work of people whom you can trust, and people who feel like home to you takes time.

There are connections you can build up easily with deep experiences that connect you but there is just no substitute for knowing someone well for quite some time.

Give yourself the gift of patience.

Attention and authority

Attention without authority is worthless. You can run down the street naked and you will get attention but without authority that stunt is worthless.

The Underdog

People like to help the underdogs succeed.

That’s why it’s stupid to position yourself like a big company when you’re small. Why yell at people when they could support you?

Whether it’s Volkswagen with the Think Small campaign or Avis with “We try harder.” – big companies did not start the way they are right now.

Avis - We try harder

Tesla, Apple, Netflix, and others – they’ve all been Davids against Goliaths.

Be seen as the agent of change – the troublemaker.