What does just good enough look like?

When you truly want to ship something you will make compromises. Therefore it is really helpful to decide what just good enough looks like.

What is good enough as long as you get it out the door? What does good enough look like?

Does environment matter?

Let me ask a different question. What has your environment got you thinking?

Sure, we are humans with willpower and we can get the most incredible things done in the most disastrous environments but creating an environment that supports you is a worthwhile thing to undertake.

If your environment reminds you of unpleasant experiences, you better change it. If it reminds you of what’s possible – don’t change it!

These are all choices we get to make. Choices that influence how we think and what we focus on. I believe environment matters a lot.

Stay original

Original is not something that you become, it’s something that you already are.

We all have original ideas, an original style, it’s staying original and doing things that aren’t on the map that makes us afraid.

Microsoft is down to earth

I came across a quote from Bill gates: “Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.”

Well, Bill, if that is true then there is no surprise that Windows 8 hasn’t taken off, with 50 Million lines of code.


In a pop culture

We live in a pop culture and I know, some of you really do not like it. Especially, if the science becomes pop-culture where it really should not(e.g. computer science). Yet, the pop culture is important. It has got a lot of energy and you have to learn how to make your ideas spread or else – they’re going to die.

Especially, if you don’t seek the applause of the moment but do it for the rest of time.