Discovering truth

People won’t believe what you tell them as much as they believe what they discover.

And once it looks like they have discovered something different than what you said; and they did so by themselves – then they won’t change their minds again when you tell them the actual truth. We don’t see the world as it is. Most facts mean nothing because the story about the truth of these facts is not vivid, trustworthy or it does not fit into our worldview.

How Benjamin Franklin learned to write

“About this time I met with an odd volume of the Spectator – I thought the writing excellent, and wished, if possible, to imitate it.

With this view I took some of the papers, and, making short hints of the sentiment in each sentence laid them by a few days, and then, without looking at the book, tried to compleat the papers again, by expressing each hinted sentiment at length, and as fully as it had been expressed before, in any suitable words that should come hand. Then I compared my Spectator with the original, discovered some of my faults, and corrected them.

But I found I wanted a stock of words or a readiness in recollecting and using them. Therefore I took some of the tales and turned then into verse; and, after a time, when I had pretty well forgotten the prose, turned them back again.

I also sometimes jumbled my collections of hints into confusion, and after some weeks endeavored to reduce them into the best order, before I began to form the full sentences and complete the paper. This was to teach me method in the arrangement of thoughts. By comparing my work afterward with the original, I discovered many faults and amended them; but I sometimes had the pleasure of fancying that, in certain particulars of small import, I had been lucky enough to improve the method or the language.”

No privacy

There is no privacy in our lives anymore. Say something to a group of people, somebody might record it with their cellphone and send it to a friend. When you send a message, it’s always there and will never vanish – even if you send it in private. It’s the internet.

If you try to scam people – you will get caught. There are no secrets anymore.

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Radio is dying

The radio station never played my favorite song. Ever.

There is another problem they solved for people – music discovery. “We’ve got the newest and best hits.”

Radio helps us discover artists but playlists rule their world.

Spotify has become way better than radio at fixing our discovery problem with playlists. It knows what you like and it helps you find songs you might like as well. Spotify has meaning covered up in data.

Most people listen to the radio because it’s so readily available – once Spotify reaches a similar state for them, radio will be gone. Fast.

Hard to breathe

When I show you statistics, numbers, proof, you’re not going to be swayed in any way because you don’t relate emotions to numbers or graphs.

What is going to make it hard to breathe for you is when there is a story you’re listening to – a story where you see yourself in – a story which you can relate to – that not only captures your attention but also your imagination – a story that is so real that it takes your breath away.