Ancient Sparta’s spokesman was not so ancient

Not much is known about Pythermus other than his marketing stunt that helped him make it to history.

What do you say to grab the attention of a crowded marketplace? How loud do you need to scream to capture the multitude’s attention?

What would really do it?

How much louder do you need to be than everybody else?

According to history, not much.

The historian says, “In order to draw together as large an audience as possible, he clothed himself in a purple garment, and so attired stood forth to speak.”

Purple robes were expensive and an attractive spectacle amid the plain universal clothing at Sparta.

Nonetheless, being different does not lead to attention by itself. You need to do the opposite of hiding, too(We call it STANDING out for a reason).

Pythermus wouldn’t have made it to history if he hadn’t done both.

It’s easy to ignore the shouters.
It’s not easy to ignore the whisper of a friend: “There’s somebody in a purple robe.”

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